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Organic care from another angle...

66°30 is the angle of inclination of the Earth and the origin of the seasons.

This symbolic contrast between the force of the universe and the fragility of its equilibrium is reflected in the life of today’s urban man.

Created for today’s man, driven by similar forces of strength and vulnerability, confident in the future, yet also aware of the fragile equilibrium of his environment and his skin... 66°30 is a new line of organic certified skincare dedicated to him.

Our values

A brand engaged

Like the man it is created to support, 66°30 is committed to living out it’s values in the following areas:

  • Ecological: (member of Cosmébio® organisation and certified by Ecocert) drawing on recent advances in green chemistry (green technology), promoting organic farming, local production and biodiversity;
  • Economic: practicing fair trade and buying locally when possible, by promoting direct and lasting partnership with small independent producers;
  • Social: supporting initiatives against exclusion and promoting eco-innovative urban action. (Project "Urban Organic Awards")

Concrete engagements

  • Product packaging has been minimized
  • Printed on 100% recycled paper from sustainable harvested forests (PEFC)
  • Printed using vegetable-based inks.
  • Printed by an “Imprim’vert” certified company...

Didier Arthaud

An urban, optimistic and engaged man

A graduate of EM Lyon and Pace University in New York City, Didier Arthaud has held senior positions in French and international sales management and marketing groups.

Along with this intense work, Didier Arthaud leads many battles against the challenges of our modern societies (illness, poor housing, precarious living situations...) by creating, in the early 90’s, an organization to provide food and shelter to some of our poorest neighbors.

Passionate about ecology and convinced of the urgent need to change and to promote new models of economic development which better respect both human beings and the planet, he decided in 2007 to participate in building this new economy by launching a new line of sustainable, organic skin care products for men.

Always an optimist, Didier Arthaud is convinced that human beings have everything in hand to build a more humane and more beautiful world. So why wait any longer?

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